About Us


CJ On The Way was founded in September of 2021 to fulfill the need of safe and affordable Grocery delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.  3 months later, CJ expanded to restaurant delivery and the rest is history!  With reports of lackluster cleanliness standards of other mainstream services, we felt it was our duty to provide the residents of London and Corbin a safer, local alternative.


Our biggest goal at this time is creating a truly competitive online ordering experience never-before-seen by another local company in the past.  We want to offer a sophisticated interface at the lowest prices imaginable.  We are proud to say that we have achieved up to 65% customer savings when compared to competitors such as Doordash and UberEats!

With CJ On The Way, you can rest assured knowing your home will always be stocked and your belly full, no matter where you are in Laurel County!